Baltimore Book Fest schedule

Baltimore Book Festival is coming up soon, and I’ll be hanging around Saturday and Sunday (Sept 23rd and 24th) at the SFWA tent. If you’re in Baltimore, come say hello! We have an awesome program lined up for this year.

Here’s my schedule for the festival:

Saturday, September 23rd

12pm  Dinosaurs, Diseases, & Dwarf Stars: Actual Science in Science Fiction

From eclipses to eoraptors, we’ll talk about great science in fiction. May the facts be with you! Authors: Gwendolyn Clare, Jack Clemons, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Vivian Shaw, Rosemary Claire Smith. Moderator: Scott H. Andrews

1pm  Zombies Ate My Homework: Young Adult SF/F Issues and the SF/F Books to Go With Them

The teens of YA SF/F books face the same stuff as our world’s teens, PLUS problems with magic, monsters, and science run amok. Authors: Gwendolyn Clare, Carrie DiRisio, Kosoko Jackson, Daniel Jose Older, Sam J Miller, Moderator: Fran Wilde

2pm  Signing

Gwendolyn Clare, Fran Wilde

Sunday, September 24th

3pm  Hey, you punks! Steampunk, solarpunk, spypunk, dieselpunk

What does sticking __punk onto a genre mean, anyway: an aesthetic or a political stance? Our authors talk about a whole bunch of genres that will change the way you think (and maybe the way you dress). Authors: Gwendolyn Clare, Lara Elena Donnelly, Day al-Mohamed Moderator: Jon Skovron

baltimore book fest

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