SFWA Nebula Conference schedule

I’ll be in Pittsburgh May 18-21st for the Nebula Conference run by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. It’s not just a fancy awards ceremony, but also a wonderful Con for pro writers and aspiring pro writers — probably the best in the genre. If you’re looking for ways to get serious about writing as a profession, come join us!

This year I’m on the programming, so you can definitely find me here:

Friday, May 19th

10am-10:30am  (Marquis B)  Global Climatology for Worldbuilders

The major patterns of climate here on Earth — including atmospheric and ocean currents — can be directly derived from basic physics principles. These patterns, along with the location and shape of continents, let us predict the types of ecosystems found anywhere on the globe. Sorry, Star Wars, no more single-ecosystem planets!

11:30am-12:30pm  (Marquis C)  Beyond Western Names

Writing diverse characters for Western markets can be a challenge when attempting to use traditional names for your characters. Authors may be asked to come up with shorter, easier to pronounce names for English speaking readers or give their characters English nicknames. In some cases, authors may be asked to give up on a traditional name altogether. Panelists can discuss ways to express diversity in their character names while still engaging an English speaking audience.

3:30pm-4:30pm  (Marquis A)  Balancing Mental Health and Deadlines

Starting with the understanding that the trope of the tortured artist is annoying, at best, and harmful at worst, the solitary life of a writer can exacerbate symptoms of mental illness. The stress of deadlines can interfere with productivity. What are some techniques or tools available to writers? What warning signs might a writer pay attention to as a sign of when it is time to get help?


You can also view the program in its entirety. By coincidence, all my programming items are on Friday, but I’ll be around for the whole Con, Thursday to Sunday. Hope to see you there!


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